Montreal restaurants

Ahhh… Montreal and food!

Montrealers place a high value on the art of dining with family and friends. We have a richer culinary landscape than most North American cities... read more...


For those who enjoy wine with their meal, quite a few of Montreal restaurants have a permit authorizing patrons to Bring Your Own Bottle of Wine... read more...

Buying Wine

There are two methods to buy wine in Montreal. The Provincial Government regulates this business through the SAQ (la Société des alcools du Québec) more...

Three Favorite Local BYOB Montreal Restaurants

La Salamandre, Le P'tit Plateau, Le Flambord and Khyber Pass are in easy walking distance of Boulanger Bassin Bed and Breakfast... read more...

Boulanger Bassin, Bed & Breakfast
4293 de Brébeuf Street
Montreal, Quebec,
Canada H2J 3K6
Telephone: +1 (514) 525-0854
3 rooms to accomodate you