About the complimentary breakfast

...we saved so much never needing lunch!

Ruth, Bruce, Nathalie, Washington D.C.

Great to have been at your place. You are KOB and a really pleasant soul to be with.

Cheers, JL and Prue

...Your breakfasts were superb...

Barry, Tampa, Florida

...Ken's phenomenal breakfast...

Mike Samuel, Durban, South Africa

...your hospitality is exceptional and the breakfasts are fabulous.

Adriana & Andy, Toronto, Ontario

...best breakfast cook in the world...

Julie Z, Toronto

...your home is charming and your cooking incredible...

Mia & Seelly, Atlanta, Georgia

...great breakfast, too much...

Janet, Cold Spring, NY.

...your hospitality is exceptional and the breakfasts are fabulous...

Mary & Micheal, Richmond, Virginia
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